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6″ Deringer 40X Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RP)

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Ames - Fire and Waterworks - Backflow Prevention Products logoThe 6″ Deringer 40X Low Head Loss reduced pressure (RP) zone backflow preventer assembly is designed to prevent hazardous contaminants and non-health hazard pollutants from entering the potable water supply system caused by backpressure and/or backsiphonage conditions. The Ames Deringer 40X features extra large body and checks for lower head loss, integral Eccentric-Seal butterfly shutoff valves for a short lay length, integrated tamper switches, and True-Seal and Dual-Action checks for high performance at low-and high-flow rates. It may be installed under continuous pressure service to protect against both backpressure and backsiphonage. Maximum working pressure is 175psi (12 bar).

Part of the Deringer 40X/40GX Series

Lead Free: YES

Model# D-6040X

UPC# 737733034162

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