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2 1/2″ Febco MasterSeries LF860-NRS Large Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly

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Febco Backflow Preventer AssembliesThe 2 1/2″ FEBCO MasterSeries LF860 Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly is specifically designed to protect against possible backpressure and backsiphonage conditions for high hazard [i.e., toxic] application in accordance with the Local Governing Water Utility Code. This Backflow Prevention Assembly is primarily used on potable drinking water systems where Local Governing Code mandates protection from non-potable water being pumped or siphoned back into the potable water system.

Lead Free Ductile Iron Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer Assy, NRS Shutoff Valves, Inline, Epoxy Coated Using ArmorTek Technology

Part of the LF860 Large Series

Model# F122932 (previously #022932)

UPC# 643925577303

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